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Lighting Up Lives

SunRays Enterprises is targeting the access challenge faced by rural household for quality products along with urban areas issues of rising electric and diesel prices and grid failure. We respond s to the market failure to provide rural villages in India with access , training , and servicing for clean energy products. Despite a clear and sound demand , villagers are reluctant to purchase clean energy solutions either because they are not educated on how they work, cheap products that flooded to the market and a lack of trust in solar based products.
At Sunrays, we have always believed in translating our vision into on-ground realities through strategic implementation.
Sunrays ensure quality delivery of solutions and products to every citizen of India by providing EPC services.


We believe that each and every household deserves access to goods and services that will enhance their health, wealth, and productivity. We are a for-profit business with a social mission: to eradicate deadly killers like kerosene and ensure a more energy-equitable future for millions of households. We promise to provide high quality products, educate the masses about solar, create local access to these solutions, provide on the spot solution and design service, and stay in constant touch with our end customers. We believe that true customer service is the key to satisfaction, and Sun Rays will always put the customer first.


We believe in last mile distribution of solar solution with reliable and efficient service by awareness to make a clean energy based future. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.


  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Accountability

These values have helped us establish ourselves always.


Our aim to deliver uncompromising value to our customers.

  • Quality Product
  • Customer Service
  • Service and Support


What We Do

Lighting Up Lives

We provide turnkey EPC solutions for both on-grid and Off-grid applications and operate and maintain (O&M) solar power plants.
We deal in all range of solar products to fulfill every household need by best in class services and products.

Sunrays is involved in each stage of the project execution from selection of the components, to supervision of the installation till they are ready to turnkey delivery. We are a single point stop for Solar System Integration in India.


  • Identifying Location of appropriate project sites
  • Discussion with necessary authorities
  • Conducting basic processes for obtaining licenses and procedural permits


  • Suitability and estimation of products
  • Basic and detailed Engineering
  • Conduct geological and topographical studies
  • Execute civil work design
  • Mechanical design and specs definition
  • Electrical LV/HV design and specs definition
  • Grid connection design and specs definition


  • Qualified Supplier portfolio
  • Invite for quotation
  • Supplier Selection
  • Quality supervision and inspection at supplier facilities
  • Deliveries follow up


  • Project Management
  • Planning schedule /follow up
  • Coordination with customer
  • Quality contractor assurance


  • Document and drawing of the executed project
  • Detailed Quality review
  • Project Setup
  • Project commissioning
  • Project handover to owner

O & M

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance for Solar plants
  • Offers monthly reporting on generation and activities
  • Software to retrieve and manage generation data


Lighting Up Lives

"Solar solutions available all around the world are customized by us with best available technology and products in the market for all Educational institutions/Industry/Petrol Pumps etc."

Off-Grid Solutions


Works best in the places where there is no electricity available or there is erratic power supply. This solution is widely in use for solar home independently for household appliances. A wide range of solutions are available for this system which includes PV panels, Charge Controller and Battery bank. Battery is used as optional if we require backup.

On-Grid Solutions


It Works best in the places where there are no power cuts or where Diesel Generator sets are used in the absence of grid supply.

Solar Water Pump


Solar pump systems have been tested and proven around the world to be cost-effective and reliable, and they are already raising levels of agricultural & commercial productivity worldwide. A standard Solar Powered DC submersible pump system comes with 3 parts :-

  • Submersible Pump
  • Controller
  • Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel

Solar Thermal (Water Heating System)


We provides you affordable quality solar water heaters that will provide home owners and businesses one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for water heating. You are also making a smart investment and saving yourself a lot of money. Ideal for Residential, Institutional and Industrial solar heating applications.



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Naman Agarwal

Financial Advisor(CA)

Nishit Goyal

IT Advisior

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